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Who We Are

Trish Kerner
Ecological Project Manager
Master of Science, Idaho State University


8 years of experience in 

ecosystem ecology and a passion for protecting and restoring our beautiful Idaho landscapes. 

High Desert Conservation connects landowners & land managers with the latest research to understand their unique landscape. 

Trish received her Masters of Science in Soil Microbiology from Idaho State University. She has worked as a research specialist and project manager on a number of projects studying soil diversity and function,

watershed quality, and native plant revegetation

Originally from Maryland, Trish moved out West in 2014 and to the Wood River Valley (for the second time) in 2022.  She immediately fell in love with working and playing in this beautiful Idaho landscape we call home.

Google Scholar Profile


Conserve natural resources
Preserve biodiversity
Promote healthy ecosystems

Contact us to get started. 

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