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Our Services


Noxious weeds on your land? 

Want to enhance native species on your property?

Wondering if your land is healthy for humans and animals?

Our consulting services provide you with personalized solutions.

Do you have a few questions or are you interested in a management plan that will lay out your path to a sustainable landscape? We are here to help. 

Dirty Hands

Soil, along with water, is the basis of life and is step 1 in achieving sustainable results in any land-based projects. If you've been having trouble establishing the plants you want, the answer likely lies in the soil and other environmental factors. 

Soil Health Analysis


Water Quality

Water is a precious resource that requires respect. We can analyze your waters for toxins, but also important water quality indicators necessary for fish, macroinvertebrates, and humans to thrive.


Native Plants &

Noxious Weeds


An analysis of the unseen world that is the basis of all ecosystems. Starting from the micro scale of ecosystems gains us invaluable insights into the mechanics of macro processes.​ 

Give native plant communities the leg up they need to out-compete noxious weeds. Depending on the land, this can be a 3–10-year process to a self-sustaining, water saving native landscape. This worth-wile process requires guidance and consistency. 

Microbial Ecology &

Nutrient Cycling


The USDA NRCS offers a number of programs that offer financial support to private landowners interested in adopting sustainable, conservation practices on their land. 

Grant Writing

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